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Comprehensive eye examinations include:

Vision analysis for prescription eyewear or contact lenses
Tests for glaucoma and cataract formation
Diabetes and retina health evaluation
Muscle balance and eye coordination tests
Dry eye evaluation


Medical treatment for eye infections and urgent care.

24 hour emergency eyecare - Call (913) 782-5993
Treatment of conjunctivitis (pink eye)
Foreign body removal
Welding flash burns
Chemical burns

Pre and Post surgical care.

Call our office for details at (913) 782-5993.

Onsite frame adjustments, repairs and full eyewear tune-ups.


Our friendly staff can get your eyeglasses repaired or adjusted so that you can get on with your day!

Treatment for dry eye.

See our Dry Eye information page.

Contact lens fitting and care for both soft and rigid contacts.

Contact lenses can be purchased from many different outlets, but which are best for you?  The only way to know is to have an examination from an eye doctor and have the appropriate contact lenses prescribed for you; make an appointment today to discuss your options.  If you are looking for affordable contact lenses, our office is the place for you.  Remember that our office does not charge shipping fees nor sales tax and that we have rebates available only to eye doctors.  We work together with you to provide you and your family the best value in contact lenses and services.

Regularly cleaning your contact lenses is the most important factor to being a successful patient; please press on the arrow below to watch a video on proper hygiene.



Optical boutique featuring an extensive frame selection.


Visit our Designer Frames page.

See to Learn® Assessments for 3 year old children.

SEE TO LEARN® is an innovative, three-step preventive health program designed to ensure that kindergarten children entering school can see to learn and to educate parents and teachers about the warning signs of vision problems.


Vision Therapy

Please visit our Vision Therapy information page.

Vision therapy is a series of treatment procedures and eye exercises prescribed by optometrists to improve certain types of vision problems which cannot be helped with only glasses or contact lenses.

Non-Surgical Vision Correction

If you are interested in vision correction but wary of surgical procedures, try non-surgical vision correction.     
Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) is a non-surgical process clinically developed to reshape the cornea while you sleep. With the use of specially designed gas permeable lenses, a patient's myopia is temporarily corrected.

For more information contact our office.

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East Office
13839 S. Mur-Len Rd., Ste A
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West Office
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P:(913) 254-0200 F:(913)254-9440

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